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Welcome to The Alexandra Girls’ English Institution, an Institute with a legacy of empowering the girl child for 158 years and going from strength to strength.

This glorious institution, situated in the heart of Mumbai City has always fostered a spirit of good will amongst young girls of different races and communities. We do well to create well groomed, modest young ladies prepared to face life in all its varied aspects. Our alumni, star studded with leading Academicians, Freedom Fighters, Doctors, Lawyers, Artists, Actors, Social workers and the likes.

At The Alexandra Girls’ English Institution, we not only emphasize on education but also on social and personal development of every girl passing through the portals of this esteemed Institution.

With a vibrant Management that has already propelled the school into the distant future with improvements in technological facilities like Wi-Fi, smart-classes, Laptops etc, the school is also deeply concerned about the Environment. A Solar Energy generating panel is already functional on the terrace and a well secured digital surveillance in place. The school has a well-maintained garden and waste management is its top priority.

COVID-19 has taught the world about cleanliness and hygiene, but at our institution, this was always the protocol. Washrooms are spacious, spick and span always. Our maintenance staff are always alert to any eventualities.

As the Principal in charge of The Alexandra Girls’ English Institution, I insist on continuing the legacy of Cent percent results at the board exams, accolades in sports and extracurricular activities. Being in the institute for 30 long years I am humbled and honoured to lead this glorious institution without compromising on values like respect, trust, honesty and innovation. The motto of the school has always been truly inspiring to me and all at the AGEI – “trust in God and be not daunted.” Long live The Alexandra Girls’ English Institution.

With best wishes and prayers,
Ms. Michelle Medeira


Year Name Designation
1863-1866 Mrs. Laing Head Governess
1866-1869 Mrs. Mitchell Head Governess
1870-1875 Madame Monnet Lady Superintendent
1876-1878 Mrs. Jarvis Lady Superintendent
1884-1885 Miss Cockburn Lady Superintendent
1886-1887 Miss Waller Lady Superintendent
1887-1888 Mrs. Hildreth Lady Superintendent
1888-1890 Miss Swansegar Lady Superintendent
1890-1894 Miss H. M. Green Lady Superintendent
1894-1903 Miss Matilda Hunt Lady Superintendent
1903-1904 Miss H. M. Green Lady Superintendent
1905-1909 Miss K. M. Burn Lady Superintendent
1909-1910 Miss Isabella McGraw Lady Superintendent
1910-1911 Miss Eleanor Edwards Lady Superintendent
1911-1920 Mrs. Eileen Duncan Lady Superintendent
1920-1921 Mrs. P. A. Stewart Lady Superintendent
1921-1922 Miss Isabella Johnstone Lady Superintendent
Miss Gulestan J.Bhadurjee
Lady Superintendent
  Miss Margaret Benjamin
  Mrs. Mani Engineer
Mrs. Freny Mehta
  Ms. Farrah Gustaspi
  Ms. Michelle Medeira
Principal In-Charge
2020 to date